Ann Arbor, MI Family Photographer — Go With The Flow

I met this family for their portrait session at one of Ann Arbor’s gorgeous parks. We had originally planned for another location but mom mentioned last minute that we might want to shoot at this location instead, and I was game for it. I am so glad she made the suggestion because it was a perfect location – the wildflowers were absolutely beautiful!

There’s a saying in Michigan (and just about everywhere else I’ve lived,too!) – “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute and it will change.” That’s exactly what happened during our shoot. Bright sunny skies gave way to some pretty ominous storm clouds, but we were able to wrap up just in time!

These two little guys were oh so cute and definitely wanted to check out every inch of this park! I love photographing families with young kids for exactly this reason – they’re so full of spunk and curiosity and it’s fun to be able to capture that energy.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far as a photographer, it’s that you can never really predict exactly what your next frame will be. Whether it’s a new location to discover, changing light, or a kiddo on the move, you just have to go with the flow.












It was great to meet you “Y” family!